Monday, January 27, 2014

Buried Under!

We're still here, hiding in the snow :) 
I'm pretty excited though, as we haven't had this much snow in a while. 
Now if the cold would just shake, then it would be perfect for sliding!! YAY! That is totally in the plans this week. 

The kids did go out and play in the snow for a little bit, but the negative windchill have made them change their minds fairly quickly to come back in. I've debated opening a Hot Coco cafe here ;)

Outside of the snow, I have been doing a lot of work with music. A couple duets in the works with all types of wonderful gushy emotional stuff LOL. Me and Johny will hopefully have a couple finished pieces here in the very near future :)

I'm actually feeling a little valentinesy lately. o.O
I honestly don't really get into the holidays as much as I do for Christmas.....but this year, well I think I just might be a little smitten LOL. Call me crazy, but this little bit of me is feeling fuzzy and warm. 
It COULD very well be the fact that I'm longing for warmer weather, but I'm going with love ;)

I finished creating this week's collection today! It's massive and totally ME inspired LOL. Between the warm fuzy feelings I've been having, and the wonderful music inspiration of some funky/fun new sounds - Well, Tadda: 

That's a sneak peek of JUST the kit....there are LOTS of add ons coming with this and I am in.....
you guessed it - LOVE ;)

Also Digi related and DEFINITELY worth noting.....There are 2 free gifts coming your way this weekend. One on the Digiscrap Parade: 

And one with the new challenges over at The Digichick - So keep your eyes peeled!
Much Love

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Comic Heroes!

Dallas inspired this week's new collection. He is a "Super Hero" lover like no other. Bub had a birthday party last year that was Hulk themed and EVERYTHING was Hulk for a while. We literally watched everything created about the incredible hulk that was available at least 3 times LOL. 

His love evolved to ALL Marvel comic heroes, and then the addition of Transformers and Power Rangers. I'm pretty sure I have played the part of every character in the line ups a few times too LOL. 
(I admit I love playing them vs. the girl toys actually - So many more options seem to come along with playing the super heroes ;)

So new this week I have a collection for scrapping all those Super Hero moments :D
It is on sale 30% through the weekend at The Digichick.

And here is some amazing inspiration with the kit in action

We've been holding down the fort here with all the cold upon us. It's odd really.....I don't think in my lifetime of living in this area has it ever been this cold. I could be wrong, but then again I think not ;)

I joked, because it's actually been colder here than Alaska....and the common preconception would tell you it shouldn't be LOL. 

I enjoyed having a little time off from doing the events and getting things back in order post holidays. 
Work is back on the forfront and lots of new things coming along. I will be taking over a few challenges over at the Digichick starting next month, new collections are already gearing up for release and the blog is getting a makeover onto a new platform currently. 

It will be back to blogging and hopefully sharing more with you to help make your memory keeping as sweet as possible!!

Much Love and Hugs!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Frost Bite

 Okay so the deep freeze, seriously did me a number here. 
I didn't get true frost bite, but I might as well had. 

My fingers and toes went painfully numb...I didn't take the kids out, but walking in the weather wasn't the smartest of things I have ever done. 
We went through some power surges and outtages here, which is never fun when it's freezing literally outside. Then sickness and kid watching- I just need to remember that I am not built for the north pole LMAO. 

We spent the time keeping warm as best we could and entertaining some VERY cabin struck children. Thankfully the temps were back to normal today and they could finally go back to school and enjoy some outdoor air. 

I'll be back in the grove tonight and tomorrow now that we're thawing out and have a better update then :)

The schedule was thrown off, but here is the last installment - Which should now give you this fun new kit - Focus Please.

And don't forget about the Creative Sweetie Call!
It's here! I haven't held a call since 2012- If you love Sweet Digi Scraps, love to scrap and want to be part of an amazingly sweet team, now's your chance! Get all my products and be part of my design inspiration :)

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Of course the best part is being a Sweetie all together ;)
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To Apply:
Send an email with the subject line: 2014 Sweetie Call to
Include the following: 
  • A little bit about yourself (I like to know who I'm working with)
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  • List of your current commitments (Teams you design for, stores you sell for etc)
  • And tell me why you think you would be a great fit with the team. 

All applications must be received by January 12th for consideration

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ready to hunker down!

  Today I finished taking down Christmas (outside that is) 
It was warmer today (almost 50) so I figured I might as well do it now before the big temperature drop came and I'd have to wait a bit. Tree's still up though ;) I'm enjoying the 12 days as much as I can!! And secretly dreading putting it away. 
Something about the beauty of the Christmas Tree just livens things up it seems.
While I managed to get the shopping done for THIS house yesterday, dad's was not :( He called saying he was out of several things.... So today me and the kids went and stocked up for them so they had a good bit before the cold set in. Seriously not looking forward to papers tomorrow- as the kids will be staying in, but I will get to experience what -40 degrees feels like. I'm thinking it feels like BRRRRRR
 Outside of papers, church and shopping for dad today, it was a great family day. Ana got me a belated birthday present, we watched a movie together (Animals included)
And snowbell decided to be my second blanket. 

For those that remember us getting the sweet babe last year for remember this sweet tiny white fuzz ball. 
Well she is HUGE now. 

Then I watched Gatsby for the first time while designing. HELLO That movie was AWESOME!! Seriously, why had I never watched the original before?
So then I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time today too. Again....WHY hadn't I watched these before?? 

Tonight, we made pizza rolls and then me and my dad watched the season premier of "Curse of Oak Island" tonight after the kids went to bed. I have a feeling the adventurer in us will make that a bucket list destination here soon ;)
School's already been cancelled for both tomorrow and Tuesday. So it looks like movies, games and lots of 'snow day' activities in our forecast. 
Stay warm everyone!!! 
~*this link expired*~
PLEASE NOTE: This link will expire January 6th at 11:59 PM EST.
After that point, it will expire and await tomorrows gift and be placed in the shop. 
Tomorrow we'll be finishing up this collection and the days of giving. Such a bittersweet way to end it :)
DON'T FORGET-  The first call since 2012 to be part of the Creative Sweeties Design team is now up! Check the previous posts for information on how you can get all my goodies for free just to scrap :)
And the winners have been announced. Emails will be dispatched later today. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 2014 VIP is....

I am so very excited for this post! 
I have been waiting this entire week to find out who the lucky scrappers were going to be :) 

I posted on the original entry form that One Lucky scrapper would become a 2014 VIP. Winning the whole shabang plus all of the new upcoming designs for the entire year. 
I have generated 5 winners for prizes and considered those the placements in the order they were drawn. So here is a list of the prizes : 
1st: All the current Sweet Digi Scraps products and a VIP pass for all upcoming 2014 products

2nd: $50 gift coupon to my shop

3rd: A $25 gift card

4th:  A $10 gift card

5th: A $5 gift card

And the winners are.................
I will be contacting you later via the email you provided with rafflecopter with your coupon codes and instructions. 
Congratulations ladies :)